About Paul


I am a Professor of Psychology at the University of Western Ontario (Western University) in London, Ontario. I teach at the undergraduate and graduate level. I am interested in cognition, thinking, and especially concepts and mental categories.

My psychological research seeks to understand how people learn about categories and concepts and how conceptual structure influences thinking and decision making. My experimental psychology lab is a suite of rooms in the Western Interdisciplinary Research Building, along with other member of the Brain and Mind Institute. My research team consists of several graduate students, honours students, and research assistants, and is funded by several grants from the Canadian government (NSERC and SSHRC) and by grants from Western University.

Please see my lab page for full details on my research and for a full list of my publications.

This Blog does not  reflect the views of my University, and is not necessarily a direct outgrowth of my research program. Rather, I’m using this to write about Psychology, Higher Education, and Science in general.

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